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Isn't it ironic?
Yesterday I went shopping with a friend of mine. After having lunch we left the capital and came back to my village to keep walking around. There was a small nice shop with awesome clothes so I tried some of them and decided buying a nice sweater. When I was about to pay I asked to the shopkeeper about the mark of the sweater because I've never heard about it before and liked it so much. She told me they make so beautiful clothes but the only problem is the size. She said they sizes were kinda smaller than usual.  After saying that, she stared and me and added: but you won't have any problem with that, you're slim. I laughed heartily then. I've never been slim before, I said.

And that's the truth. In the last 3 years of my life I've lost a big part of myself xD Exactly 39 Kg (85.8 lbs). Now you can imagine how happy I felt when that woman looked at me and told me I was slim.

I'm sure no one can imagine how it feels when you've been always overweight. When you grow up on a diet without results. And then, finally, you get to lose weight (always healthy, don't get me wrong. I've been doc supervised). Life changes for the best. So yes, weight matters.

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I completely understand. I was never at a really unhealthy weight, but I was always a bit chubby, and friends/family used to give me grief for it all the time. Then I finally buckled down and busted my butt to lose the weight. There is no better feeling than when strangers, and people who harassed your weight, compliment the new, thin you.

Esa es concretamente mi tarea pendiente así que te entiendo perfectamente. Creo que yo lloraría de la emoción y todo (exagero) en un momento así.

Supongo que en momentos así comprendes eso que dicen de "la felicidad está en los pequeños detalles".

Sí, sí importa. Importa sobretodo a nivel de satisfacción personal.

Se cuida :3

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